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Our firm started its business activities in 1991, by exporting to France. FRANKO ARMONDİ is the registered brand of our firm which is based in Zeytinburnu.
We produce 50,000 items of clothing annually within our organization thanks to our 87 employees. As a company we value closely following global trends, manufacturing all designs and products within our organization in order to achieve the highest quality, especially in the men's sportswear industry.

We export to total 24 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, People's Republic of China, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.

Our customers are local companies that offer high quality and luxurious products. Our main goal is to produce the highest quality goods whether in terms of leather or stitching, by using the latest information and technology, and to achineve customer satisfaction and sustanability.

Accordingly, we only work with the primary and secondary materials that are superior to Global and European Standards.
We develop our vision and customer portfolio by partipating in fairs in İstanbul, Beijing, Milan, Moscow and Germany.