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Franko Armondi started his business life in 1991 by exporting quality leather and outerwear fashion to France. Our head office and showroom is in Zeytinburnu/Istanbul. Employing 87 highly skilled designers and technicians, we produce more than 50,000 leather garments per year. Our main vision is to closely follow the latest global trends in our industry and to create our unique fashion designs and models that will produce the world's best quality, especially in men's clothing, with these inspirations.

We export to a total of 62 countries, mainly Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, America, Australia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, People's Republic of China, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.
Our main customers are international retailers who sell our quality and luxury products at their own locations.

To produce the highest quality products by using the latest knowledge, experience and technology in leather and sewing quality, to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity. For this reason, the main and auxiliary materials we use are above world and European standards.
We develop our company vision and customer base by participating in Istanbul, Beijing, Milan, Moscow and Almaty fairs.